Going Away to College

Dear Professor Gludlum,

I’m about to go to college–quite a shock for me, as you can imagine.  I’m finding myself very, vastly, frighteningly, incredibly unprepared for this life-changing experience.  Can you perhaps give me some advice on how to prep myself?  (It is especially difficult for me to decide what to pack.)

Sincerely yours,

Dear Me,


I have a gift that I must give
But the person it is intended for
Has gone away from here

They won’t be back
But it is wrapped
And locked away in a drawer

Tiny Grasshopper

I woke up this morning with a grasshopper on my face
Hoping around like he owned the place
I displaced him gently on my back porch
I wonder what happened to him after that
I’ll never know
Unless I wake up tomorrow with a friend of his
Thumping around on my forehead
Instead of killing him dead
I’ll pick him up and say to him
Do you know what happened to that tiny grasshopper yesterday
Not expecting a response from him I’ll listen carefully
For any sound
But there’s no sound because he’s a bug

Things Change

I don’t really know why you should stay

But I feel like maybe you should

I see you there as you walk away

You don’t know you misunderstood


Now let me say this loud and clear

There’s no one else anywhere

That can make me as proud

As I am in my love for her


She’s why I wake up everyday

And try my best

She’s why I turned my back on you

And everyone else

She’s always been right by my side

But deep inside, I can not hide

From the feelings that pulse from within