For Her

Everybody wants it so it's impossible to find

You can have it if you're there in time

The cost can be so high if you miss the chance

You need to get in now while you can

The crowds swirl as the doors open

There's blood on the ground in the yellow lamp light 

Knocked aside like a used party favor

You remember years past and the gifts that you gave

The journey through your cash to your return

The half smile of a young little girl

Told you everything in the world

In your mind there was a glimmer

But in mine there was a grime

The flicker of the screen in her hands 

You knew as soon as she did

The seal would be broken and the parcel returned

Those toys were not us as they fell to the ground

And the tears came tumbling erasing the stain

Like rain from the heavens as it all came

You'll be back in the asiles pushing a stranger

For that one little thing that she won't even remember

Year after year the story continues

She orders her prize like a meal on a menu

And tells all the guys of that stores that she'll send you