The Holy Jive's 20 Most Read Articles of 2018!

It's been an extremely rewarding year at The Holy Jive and we thank you so much for your continued interest in what we do. We hope to keep bringing you great content in 2019 and beyond. For now, lets take a look back at some of our most liked stories. 

  1. Beard Oil Shortage Causes Tension Between Hipsters and Hasidic Jews
  2. Do We Really Need Shoulder Blades? This Doctor Says No
  3. Were you a Rhinocerus in a Past Life? Take Our Survery to Find Out
  4. Summoning Demons for Toddlers
  5. Feeding the Homeless. To the Homeless
  6. Teenage Rebel Vandalizes Arthouse, Wins Award
  7. Raccoon Convicted to 3 Years in Prison After Mistaken Bandit Identity 
  8. Movie Theater For the Blind and Deaf Opens in LA After Fire
  9. 17 Oddest Acts of God as Defined by Allstate
  10. Study Finds Ugly People More Commonly Arrested for Indecent Exposure
  11. Beating a Dead Horse: Overused Puns in the Slaughterhouse
  12. Pets for Dinner: Find the Best Korean Buffets in Your Area
  13. Why Grandparents are the Worst
  14. The World Cup Explained in 8 Emojis
  15. Bloopers from this Year's Nobel Prize Ceremony
  16. Soul of Redhead Found Outside Local Carwash Proving They Exist
  17. Picture Quiz! Cosplayer or Mall Food Court Employee?
  18. 70 Million Year Old Typewriter Discovered in Boulder, CO
  19. Two Shaved Chimpanzees Win Prom King and Prom Queen 
  20. Ouija Boards: A Necrophiliac's Dating Guide


Happy holidays and have a terrific New Year!