Show Me

She was born in autumn

Only child

Her parents loved her

If only she knew

She was a pretty girl

That’s what they told her

She wanted for nothing

She takes her clothes off

For men halfway around the world

She’s leveraged her webcam

As the barrier to the fantasy

Those that know don’t approve

They don’t know her story

Those in her life and those in on her screen

They can look her in the eyes

And smile at hers

But they can’t understand

She doesn’t need the money

What she earns, she uses on herself

Nobody relies on her

There is no one watching when the system shuts down

Her smile’s sincere

Her body is perfect

She’s just filling time

Until she has no other option

Her show’s about to start

Her favorite part of her day

She can do anything you want

And is willing to please you

But what does she want?

She never has said

It’s not in her mind

She’s better off not knowing

If she confronted the truth

Or others she lies to

She’d have to admit

She’d rather be praised

For work that she’s done

Or something she’s proud of