The Spanish Conquistador


Arc 1 – Super Squirrels (4 parts)
Episode 1 – Episode 2 – Episode 3 – Episode 4

Arc 2 – Bi-polar Bears (ongoing)
Episode 5

The Spanish Conquistador is an ongoing audio comedy series presented by The Holy Jive. The story follows The Spanish Conquistador as he and his loving sidekick take on the nefarious Professor Gludlum in his various attempts to best the protagonist. His schemes usually include a scientific experiment on unsuspecting members of the animal kingdom in a twisted plot of creating his own minions to attack the conquistador for him. Usually, Gludlum is defeated and sent back to his secret underground castle to further plan insidious ways to take down the Spanish Conquistador.

To be fully up to speed, have fun reading the “real life” origin of the Spanish Conquistador. Good for a nice historical reference to the show and the character. Read it here.

Or if you want a more realistic take on the character, have Ian himself tell you the actual story of the conquistador’s conception in an interview granted only to The Holy Jive. Read that interview here.

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