For Her

Everybody wants it so it's impossible to find

You can have it if you're there in time

The cost can be so high if you miss the chance

You need to get in now while you can

The crowds swirl as the doors open

There's blood on the ground in the yellow lamp light 

Knocked aside like a used party favor

You remember years past and the gifts that you gave

The journey through your cash to your return

The half smile of a young little girl

Told you everything in the world

In your mind there was a glimmer


I have a gift that I must give
But the person it is intended for
Has gone away from here

They won’t be back
But it is wrapped
And locked away in a drawer

Tiny Grasshopper

I woke up this morning with a grasshopper on my face
Hoping around like he owned the place
I displaced him gently on my back porch
I wonder what happened to him after that
I’ll never know
Unless I wake up tomorrow with a friend of his
Thumping around on my forehead
Instead of killing him dead
I’ll pick him up and say to him
Do you know what happened to that tiny grasshopper yesterday
Not expecting a response from him I’ll listen carefully
For any sound
But there’s no sound because he’s a bug

Things Change

I don’t really know why you should stay

But I feel like maybe you should

I see you there as you walk away

You don’t know you misunderstood


Now let me say this loud and clear

There’s no one else anywhere

That can make me as proud

As I am in my love for her


She’s why I wake up everyday

And try my best

She’s why I turned my back on you

And everyone else

She’s always been right by my side

But deep inside, I can not hide

From the feelings that pulse from within

Work in Progress

Sometimes in my head

I think how beautiful it would be

To have a world that chose

To live so peacefully


To end all the wars

And dismantle poverty

To disengage slavery

And embrace our own liberties


But I think of the art

That’s come from all the pain

And all of the insight

That we have yet to learn


Sometimes in my head

I think how beautiful it is

To have a world that chose

To be a work in progress instead

We Ride

There are good men out there

On my best days I travel among them

I see the sights of valors

And the righting of injustice

The caves of eternity shall fall before them

Into the bleak, dark aspic

I cringe as I exit their gallows

Their journey extends onward

From their ancestors and to their progeny

I fall to my knees as I realize I exist between two Earths

The one I created and the one I’ll destroy

As I weep like a little boy in the dust

I look up at the kings that seem unaffected

The Rest of It

I never learn my way around

And that’s okay

I live a simple life

Just the way I want it

I have a place for games

And places to fill my stomach

There isn’t much else

And that’s the way I love it

I invite over a person sometimes

And we laugh and share a story

I never go to parties

Or enjoy being out in public

There’s a stigma with that

And I think it’s a choice

I’ll change my behavior when I change my mind

But for me it works just fine

One can get by on technology

The Next Big Thing

The success of the world is at your fingertips

There is a simple truth  in those words

Love creation and share as much as possible

Privacy is a hallow tree with its roots cut

So dig in and expose yourself  to the light

It has much to return to you

The wisdom of your talent is only given through demonstration

The memory sticks through repetition

Invade our mind and water our relationship

We’ll come around to your brand

A warning though

We move on quickly and hate often

Tell 'em

Tell a blind man you can see

An enslaved man you are free

Tell a mute man you can talk

A cripple man you can walk

Tell a deaf man you can hear

Or Da Vinci you’re an ear

There are these things you can do

To give your life some value

If you think these things are wrong

Why do you need them to be strong?

Show Me

She was born in autumn

Only child

Her parents loved her

If only she knew

She was a pretty girl

That’s what they told her

She wanted for nothing

She takes her clothes off

For men halfway around the world

She’s leveraged her webcam

As the barrier to the fantasy

Those that know don’t approve

They don’t know her story

Those in her life and those in on her screen

They can look her in the eyes

And smile at hers

But they can’t understand

She doesn’t need the money