Secret Identity

My question: why do superheroes seek another identity to fight evil? Does this mean that maintaining an identity of constant prey is needed or required?

Dear Anonymous Reader,

Superheroes, huh? I have always been against that word. Why is it the one putting in the time scheming to hurt those around him always the bad guy? Don’t I deserve to be called a hero? Without me, the local fire department would be completely useless. Do I ever get a thank you? No.


dear professor glutton,

im starting a fellowship under my wife and am wondering how you would handle the situation. im more then a little nervous about there being friction.

sam welmington

Dear Sam,

Classic Cars

Professor Gludlum,

I fear I am becoming too negative as of late. In my hometown, they have this classic car event and they all gather on the streets and ride back and forward. I work nearby and must get through to make it in time to my job. It continually makes me late and I am getting quite upset with the whole situation. How can I cope with my growing hatred of classic cars?

Please Help!

Dear Faithful Reader,

Cheating Student

Dear Prof.,

I have a midterm coming up and I have a slight problem…I won’t pass. The reason, I‘ve cheated on the last few exams and the person I’ve cheated off of has dropped the class. What do I do?

Failure Student

Dear Pup. (as in pupil but I shortened it…like you did with prof… ah forget it it… no one gets me…),

Aspiring Super Villain


Dr. G,
What advice do you have for an aspiring super villain?
Pat Sycamore

Dear Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms. if you are one of those old unmarried women) Sycamore,

First off, calling me Dr. G makes me sound like I, too am straight outta – insert hometown here. It’s Professor Gludlum or if I know you really, really well, you may even survive calling me Beezlebub. Old college nickname. Long story. If I don’t know you very well, your odds do not look good. Go ahead. Pull the lever.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is AWESOME!

crazy ex girlfriend banner

I’ve spent a lot of time recently streaming the first three seasons of The CW's "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" on Netflix. This show hit me like an emotional train during the course of its exploration of what our behavior tells us about ourselves.

It’s a hard show to explain to someone that hasn’t seen it. This should help.