Things Change

I don’t really know why you should stay

But I feel like maybe you should

I see you there as you walk away

You don’t know you misunderstood


Now let me say this loud and clear

There’s no one else anywhere

That can make me as proud

As I am in my love for her


She’s why I wake up everyday

And try my best

She’s why I turned my back on you

And everyone else

She’s always been right by my side

But deep inside, I can not hide

From the feelings that pulse from within

She’s my partner now

And I must win


But even as I try to explain

I see her eyes

And I know I can’t contain

All of the reasons why

She has to go be on her own

She’s isn’t mine now

And maybe never was


So she leaves I say to myself

That it’s for the best

There’s worse things for me to be

Than on my own

And I’ve been most of them once or twice

Something new will happen tomorrow

But can I be sure

That I’ll be where I need to be

When the clock strikes twelve