Tiny Grasshopper

I woke up this morning with a grasshopper on my face
Hoping around like he owned the place
I displaced him gently on my back porch
I wonder what happened to him after that
I’ll never know
Unless I wake up tomorrow with a friend of his
Thumping around on my forehead
Instead of killing him dead
I’ll pick him up and say to him
Do you know what happened to that tiny grasshopper yesterday
Not expecting a response from him I’ll listen carefully
For any sound
But there’s no sound because he’s a bug
So I’ll throw him outside to meet up with his friend
And I’ll gently remind him not to come back
He’s lucky he was on my forehead
If he woke my mother, his journey would have ended there
She’d have tossed him in the trash after slapping him
And freaking out she’d have run around shouting
Waking us all up and not caring about it
The end of the story is the bug had lived another day
Which is what I plan to do until tomorrow
When I’ll meet another friend on my forehead