We Ride

There are good men out there

On my best days I travel among them

I see the sights of valors

And the righting of injustice

The caves of eternity shall fall before them

Into the bleak, dark aspic

I cringe as I exit their gallows

Their journey extends onward

From their ancestors and to their progeny

I fall to my knees as I realize I exist between two Earths

The one I created and the one I’ll destroy

As I weep like a little boy in the dust

I look up at the kings that seem unaffected

I start down my mental ruin

As I begin to question

“How do you continue through the epiphanies?

Surely, you know the tragedy that awaits

That all good things end

There is no mystery about that

So how are you forever curious?”

I ask the Roman, the Greek, the Chinese

With these prayers of hope filling the sky

Answer me, I permit you

I wait as the voyage ends

I see it, I know, the rabbit up the sleeve

I am not in their midst

I am in the vile stink, the shadowy muck

But I am being lifted up like a crutch

As a whisper breaks  the silence

“You” Again. “You.”

I know too much for this

I dismiss the proclamation

There is but one simple word

The one I least expected

As I ponder my amazement

This must be misconstrued

This is fantasy, reverie anything but reality

I surely have misheard

But they continue and my disbelief compounds

“We do not see the sorrow

We only see the light

It makes our pathway clear to us

As we continue with this fight

But you don’t have that beacon

And yet you persevere

How you’ve made it this far

Never will be clear

It comes down to you and we apologize

For without our light, you would have no shadow”

All I muster is consideration, but I think that it’s enough

We share our journey but not our perspective