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Prime Time

Television has these stupid things

Like that show where everybody sings

And that idiot, I just can not stand him

On that dumb ass show According To Jim

And The networks still are mad at me

For never watching Grey’s Anatomy

And then that same network still strives

To make us download Desperate Housewives

I flip the channel and see plenty more

Lame ass episodes of 24

Monkey With a Gun


There’s nothing funny about a monkey with a gun

Even if he is well dressed and sartorial

Their shots are random and violent

They take no care for safe marksmanship

Even the happiest monkey with the best intentions

Will succumb to squeezing the trigger

Just to hear the sound of the gun and the fury

Guns are shiny and appealing to a monkey

Every year, almost one person is shot by a monkey with a gun

Just Words

I wrote a poem about the dead
It was glorious indeed
Most people think of poems as living things
Things you can read into whatever way you please
Shakespeare still helps single uninspired men
His words would out live him
And survive through endless time
But that thought never occurred to him
Nothing about his life matters outside the page

Just words

I'll Never

I’ll never get to see the distant future.

Or understand the mysteries of science that won’t be revealed in my lifetime.

Or know if there is life out there.

Or see racism and homophobia die out for good.

I’ll never get to experience the 1000th Academy Awards

Or see Ghostbusters 4 at this rate.

My tiny eyes can only take in my tiny life

It’s a grand life and I’ve seen a lot happen

And I live better than most of human history

I get a voice and a record through the strokes of a key

Idea Man

am an idea man
But they’ve been trapped in there far too long
I want to let them out
And give them life out on their own

But they’ve been with me forever
And I don’t want to say goodbye
They’ve been my best friends
And stayed with me my whole life

I want to repay the loyalty
But I know that isn’t fair
Some of them would survive quite well
In a world of mediocrity

Get Psyched

I’m going to stay up until I’m too tired to sleep

I’m going to eat whatever the hell I want

Don’t tell me how to live

It’s your turn to count some sheep

I have some more living to do before I’m dead

I feel like I’m going to explode from within

I feel like I need to go out and sin

The world is here now and I’m a part of it

I better do this now before I lose all my nerve

Listen to your heart beat with all that blood

That’s how you know you still have some time left

Go out there and take life by the balls

For Pam

It can be hard to get ahead in the world

It bites and you get what you get

Nothing less


You make your own fortune

With things of value that are worthless

And you don’t complain

For you get what you get


When the chance comes to make

To create

Take it

And do what you can to make it pay


And as it rains down upon you

Think to yourself if that chance were missed

Fix Myself

Fix Myself (click here to listen to audio with music)

I really don’t know why

Nothing now is fun

I’m a boring type of guy

I used to be out there

Playing the whole crowd

Now I just don’t care

If they’re even around

Nothing’s now the same

Everything I do is strange

I don’t know my name

What has caused this change?

Can you explain it to me?

How’d it come to this?

It’s not how I’m to be

First 21 Pages

I woke up here in bed
Think I slept for about a week
I look up at the ceiling
How long was I asleep?
Doesn’t matter I say
I have things to do today
Like get oil in my car, go to the bank, and mail a check
Wait I don’t have any money and my car’s a wreck
So I guess I don’t have anything I should be doing now
But it still feels like I have something to do somehow
Can’t remember what it is or what it pertained to
Oh wait I say out loud
No that wasn’t it
Err was it?
I can’t remember now

Embrace the Mirth

Would like to try this out
Let’s give up on all our fears
Every single one
Live out loud
And do away with doubt
Let’s wipe it all away
Dismantle everything
And embrace the mirth

Let’s see what happens
If we all indulge
How much better off
Could it maybe be
Now understand me

I’m not pushing this
It just adds up
Maybe we’re missing out
Could we all stand together
As we stand apart